CHICAGO (CBS) — Kickstarter is usually the tool artists use to fund their dream projects, asking strangers on the internet to give a little bit of cash to help their big ideas come to fruition. Individuals have used Kickstarter to fund movies, graphic novels, photography books…

… And now, a burrito.

Noboru Bitoy, who is studying graphic design in Chicago, started a Kickstarter with a fairly modest goal: he wanted $8 for a burrito.

He wasn’t just going to eat the burrito, mind you. In a video on his Kickstarter, he explained that he wanted to “rate the amount of deliciousness” a Chipotle chicken burrito has. With that information, he would then chart how delicious the burrito was with a graph.

86 contributors later, Bitoy surpassed his $8 goal and has now received $170. The Kickstarter has 24 days left to go, which means he could receive even more money from people on the internet.

In his defense, he’s not wasting the cash being sent to him.

After making his $8 goal, Bitoy uploaded a video detailing the Chipotle burrito’s delicoiusness — just as he promised.

Acknowledging that he far exceeded his goal, Bitoy then expanded on his original plan. If he makes $5 more dollars, which would be a total of $175, Bitoy said he’ll “consume 24 variations of the Chipotle Chicken Burrito. The results will then be displayed in a new graph.”

See Noboru Bitoy’s Kickstarter here.