CHICAGO (CBS) — Kickstarter is usually the tool artists use to fund their dream projects, asking strangers on the internet to give a little bit of cash to help their big ideas come to fruition. Individuals have used Kickstarter to fund movies, graphic novels, photography books…

… And now, a burrito.

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Noboru Bitoy, who is studying graphic design in Chicago, started a Kickstarter with a fairly modest goal: he wanted $8 for a burrito.

He wasn’t just going to eat the burrito, mind you. In a video on his Kickstarter, he explained that he wanted to “rate the amount of deliciousness” a Chipotle chicken burrito has. With that information, he would then chart how delicious the burrito was with a graph.

86 contributors later, Bitoy surpassed his $8 goal and has now received $170. The Kickstarter has 24 days left to go, which means he could receive even more money from people on the internet.

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In his defense, he’s not wasting the cash being sent to him.

After making his $8 goal, Bitoy uploaded a video detailing the Chipotle burrito’s delicoiusness — just as he promised.

Acknowledging that he far exceeded his goal, Bitoy then expanded on his original plan. If he makes $5 more dollars, which would be a total of $175, Bitoy said he’ll “consume 24 variations of the Chipotle Chicken Burrito. The results will then be displayed in a new graph.”

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See Noboru Bitoy’s Kickstarter here.