By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — These near-zero temperatures have literally left some drivers stuck in the ice in one Chicago neighborhood, where they’ve been for days.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports the ice-encased cars are causing lots of frustration on the 4800 block of North Drake.

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“This is hard as a rock here. Yeah the city could do more. They need help here,” said Albany Park Resident Lenore Joseph.

Joseph has lived on the block since 1961 and has never seen anything like this frozen mess.

“There was a woman stuck with a small car here and a guy he took my rope and he had to pull her out,” said Joseph.

The cause of this ice-cube like cars? A water main break more than a week ago. Then residents say when a plow finally came through, it made things worse by creating an ice shelf at least five inches high on either side of the street.

A car encased in ice in Albany Park. (Credit: Dana Kozlov)

A car encased in ice in Albany Park. (Credit: Dana Kozlov)

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It left Englishman Ryan Mitchell with no choice but to use an axe.

“I’ve tried everything else and it appears that this is going to be the only thing,” said Mitchell.

So he tried, first with the axe, then with more help and even hot water. He still had no luck.

“It’s ridiculous. Came out after one night and the water main had burst. No one has done anything about it,” said Mitchell.

Water Department spokesman Tom LaPorte says the city only just found out cars were stuck.

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A crew was expected to be on the scene Tuesday to help de-ice the street.