By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — All this talk about how Chicago has become Siberia–or Chiberia–got us to wondering: Just how cold is it these days in that part of the former Soviet Union?

To borrow a phrase from that great statesman Rod Blagojevich: Really effin’ cold.

In the town of Dzalinda, it was 42 below zero on Tuesday morning. There was no wind chill. This winter, Chicago has plunged to those readings a few days when adding in wind chill.

The extended forecast in Dzalinda, calls for high temperatures of 20 below zero or worse for the rest of the week.

Back in December, it was unseasonably warm in Siberia, with rain and no snow. It was much colder in Chicago.

Thankfully, Tuesday is the last day Chicago will have below zero temperatures for a while.

By next week, high temps here could reach above freezing.

There is another thing–aside from that dangerous face water in Sochi–that is worse in Dzalinda: The sun doesn’t rise until almost lunch time. It sets around the dinner hour.

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