UPDATE: “Hi Mom” Written In Snow For Mom With Leukemia

(CBS) — It was a message written in the snow on the roof of a parking garage across from a Chicago hospital, and now the staff is trying to find the person it was intended for.

WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.

It says: “Hi Mom, God bless U.”  And there’s a smiley face in the letter O of Mom.

“It’s really adorable,” says Angela Washek, the surgical ICU nurse at Rush University Medical Center, who noticed the message very early Sunday morning.

It was written large in snow on one level of the parking garage in view of dozens of rooms.

“Saturday night we saw people on the roof running around. We didn’t know what was going on and about half an hour later I looked out and there was this big message out there,” Washek says.

She adds: “It was really heartfelt. It was a lot of effort and it was really cold that night. And those letters are huge. They’re about two car lengths’ long.”

Washek says she and others have tried to find the person for whom the message was intended, and she still hopes they can find her.

“It would be nice. It gave a lot of people a lot of joy that night, on our unit at least.”