By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Sorry Facebook, you suck at romance.

This week, the social media site revealed the 10 romantic dining hot spots in Chicago based on people using their check in feature.

The list:

1. Siena Tavern
2. Brazzaz Official Site
3. Carnivale
4. Grand Lux Cafe
5. Billy Goat
6. Cafe Babareeba
7. Weber Grill Restaurant
8. Connie’s Pizza
9. Ginos East of Chicago
10. Las Tablas Restaurant

Nothing against the restaurants listed, but there are a few problems with this list.

Over the past four years, Facebook collected data based on check-ins during the whole week of Valentine’s Day.

Obviously, people could get a pizza at Connie’s on a Monday, have a few beers at the Goat on Wednesday and take their date to one of the finer dining spots on the list for Valentine’s Day on a Thursday.

Facebook limited the results to “10 miles from the city’s center.”

That would account for the fact that nearly all of the restaurants listed are located in or near downtown.

What about those on the North and South Sides?

Or the millions of people in the suburbs?

If you are wondering why White Castle isn’t on the list, it is because Facebook eliminated restaurant chains from the rankings.

Sorry, Facebook.