By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mike Ditka likes Matthew Stafford, but the coach has some important fashion advice for the Detroit Lions quarterback.

Stop wearing your hat backwards.

In one of those classic old guy “get off my lawn” moments, Ditka told the Detroit Free Press that the Lions are a good team and their quarterback has plenty of talent.

But the hat thing is a problem.

“I’m not knocking him,” Ditka said. “I’m just saying that’s the first thing I would tell him if I inherited him. When you’re going to go do an interview, put it on like it’s supposed to be on, not backwards, sidewards, whatever way they put them on anymore.”

This comes from the coach of Jim McMahon, whose headband fashion apparently was less of a concern. It likely helped that the Bears were on their way to winning the Super Bowl in 1985 and not throwing a division title away like the Lions did this season.

What McMahon did “was just what I call a show,” Ditka said.

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