(CBS) — The arrest of a Mexican drug cartel boss by U.S. and Mexican agents comes as welcome news to authorities in Chicago.

Joaquin Guzman called “El Chapo” and is allegedly the world’s biggest drug kingpin. Officials say his drug cartel has had a big impact on street violence in Chicago.

The Chicago Crime Commission has listed Guzman as public enemy number one.

Police Superintendent Gerry McCarthy said in a statement, “The arrest of Chapo Guzman is significant. The teams and agencies involved in apprehending Guzman, and the DEA Agents and CPD Narcotics officers involved in the investigation that led to his indictment, deserve a great deal of credit for their work. This is a victory, but we know the tentacles of his cartel still exist and much more work remains to be done. Demand for narcotics will still remain so we will continue to partner with the DEA as they fight international drug trade, and we will remain focused on our efforts to eliminate the factors that drive violence in our city.”

CBS Safety and Security consultant Ross Rice spoke to WBBM about the likelihood of Guzman being brought to Chicago for trial.

“He is a Mexican citizen so he is entitled to their due process. He has to be formally extradited back to the U.S. and a Mexican judge is going to have to approve that extradition and then it is going to be a question of where is he going to be brought to face charges and what district is going to get first crack at him. I know he is wanted out of San Diego, he is wanted here in Chicago and one or two other places,” said Rice.