(CBS) — This evening – a South Side teenager will get an award from the Boy Scouts of America: an honor only a few other scouts have ever received in this country.

It is the Honor Medal. Since 1923, fewer than 2,500 have been given out by the Boy Scouts.

And now 18-year-old Lawrence Sellers – a senior at King High School – is getting one because he shielded his girlfriend from bullets just over a year ago – and he was shot in the leg.

It was the same incident where Hadiya Pendleton was killed.

Sellers says he’s not an “awards person.”

“It’s not – well, it’s a big deal but I just feel like you don’t deserve an award for doing what’s right.”

He says he and his girlfriend Danetria Hutson have been closer since the shooting.

“Maybe a little, I don’t know.”

“He talks to me about his nightmares and stuff,” says Danetria. “He never talked to me about nightmares before… so I think that’s close.”

Nightmares where he reenacts the events of that day – when 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton died.