(CBS) — Mold – it’s a growing problem in a Gary, Ind. school that already has problems with heating and frozen pipes.

Classes are still being held, but some areas at Roosevelt College and Career Academy have been sealed off.

“When you walk into the band room, there’s a very strong smell,” says senior Dwayne Hunter.

A state health inspector described a strong, musty odor after testing for mold inside the school earlier this month.

Weeks before, a busted boiler system led to frozen pipes, which flooded walls and ceiling tiles in some areas.

The inspection found visible mold in five areas, and the band and choir rooms had mold covering areas larger than 10 square feet.

For now, the band room is locked for safety.

Hunter normally plays percussion and tuba.

“We don’t have access to our instruments,” he says.

The Gary Community School Corporation owns the Roosevelt property and says welcomed the inspection.

Sarita Stevens  says workers have already started cleanup and repairs.