JOLIET, Ill. (CBS) — The victim’s family and Joliet Police are hoping someone knows something about a hit-and-run that killed 62-year-old Antony Bausal.

CBS 2’s Pam Jones reports a display of caskets in a funeral home doubled as a gathering place Tuesday for a family sharing their last painful memories of Bausal.

“Half his skull is pushed in,” said Jennifer Weatherspoon, the victim’s daughter.

She actually saw her father’s body sprawled out in the street surrounded in crime scene tape late Saturday night

Joliet police believe a car hit the 62-year-old and dragged him on Center Street near Frank just before midnight. But the car left and no witnesses have come forward yet.

“He was ran down and more than once for his skull to be crushed,” said Weatherspoon.

Bausal’s family says he was walking home from the Crow’s Nest bar just down the street. He’d made it less than a block when the car slammed into him, just feet away from his house.

“We just really want to find out what happened to him,” said David Boston, the victim’s son-in-law.

They question whether heated words exchanged at the bar before Bausal left may have played a role in his death.

“We’ve reviewed video from the bar and you couldn’t tell if there was even an altercation going on,” said Joliet Police Commander Alan Roechner.

It leaves a family left to plan a memorial for a dad and grandfather whose body was left mangled almost beyond recognition.

“My question is what really happened to my father?” said Weatherspoon.