(CBS) — Some criminals aren’t too smart.

A Chicago-area man is under federal indictment after he allegedly imported synthetic marijuana — then reported it stolen to police.

Hisham Alkahla allegedly imported 1,200 pounds of the banned synthetic marijuana compound XLR 11, then found a buyer — a federal informant. When the informant found out where the drugs were stashed, in a Public Storage facility at 2902 River Rd., in Schiller Park, he told federal agents who then cleaned out the locker.

When Alkahla returned last May 29 with the informant to close the deal, he opened the locker only to find that it was empty.

This is where it gets weird.

You’d think police would be the last people Alkahla would want to notify, but that’s what he did. Report #13-4098, filed with the Schiller Park Police Dept. on May 29, complains that he had been burglarized, and that the unit had contained clothing, papers and other goods destined for a Dollar Store. Schiller Park police said that Alkahla placed the value at $4,710, and also notified his insurance company.

Instead, police told federal agents, who arrested him. He was already free on $25,000 bond when the indictments were returned Wednesday. He will be arraigned Thursday, March 13.