LOMBARD, Ill. (CBS) — An upsurge in heroin deaths means all Lombard, IL, police will begin carrying Narcan misters to counter the effects of heroin overdoses.

Coroner Richard Jorgensen said heroin overdoses killed 46 across DuPage County last year. Lombard Deputy Chief Tom Wirsing says heroin overdoses are a community issue, affecting everyone.

Chief Wirsing says police often beat paramedics to an overdose scene and will be able to tell from the victim’s symptoms, companions and surrounding paraphernalia if heroin is the victim’s problem.

He also says administering Narcan will not put police in a sticky legal position since Narcan by itself doesn’t have any harmful side effects in case the problem is caused by something other than heroin.

Wirsing says Narcan comes in a small aerosol pen which sprays the drug directly into the victim’s nostrils.

He says after training this week, all Lombard officers will be carrying it on duty.