(CBS) – Former Chicago sportscaster Sarah Kustok took the stand Monday in the murder trial of her father and offered testimony casting doubt on allegations he murdered her mother.

Allan Kustok maintains his wife, Jeanie, killed herself more than three years ago.

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During an hour of sometimes emotional testimony, Sarah Kustok said she couldn’t imagine that her mother, Jeanie, committed suicide.

But she also said she could not imagine that her father, Allan, murdered her mother.

Sarah Kustok testified she didn’t know about her father’s multiple extra-marital affairs before her mother’s death but she still doesn’t believe her father is guilty.

As her father looked on, she said: “I do not condone that. I find it wrong. But it does not change my opinion.”

Allan Kustok told police that on Sept. 29, 2010, he awoke to the sound of a gunshot in the family’s Orland Park home and found his wife, Jeanie, in bed beside him, shot in the head with a .357 pistol in her hand.

He then waited almost an hour before wrapping her body in bedclothes and driving to the hospital, and he never called 9-1-1.

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Asked why her father never made that call, Sarah Kustok replied: “I can’t put myself in his shoes that day.”

Her father told police he bought the pistol that killed his wife, for her protection.

But the federal form he filled out at the gun shop where he made the purchase said the weapon was for target practice.

Sarah Kustok said she didn’t know there was a gun in the house and she never saw her mother with the gun.

Prosecutor Jennifer Gonzalez asked her: “You don’t want to see your dad convicted, do you?”

“No,” replied the witness.

Jeanie Kustok was a part-time teacher at a Riverside school. Earlier Monday, two of her co-workers testified that Jeanie told them she wasn’t afraid to be home alone because they had a gun in the house.

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Closing arguments are slated for Tuesday.