(CBS) — Morning thermometers read 20 degrees but the calendar said spring for some early risers, reports WBBM’s John Cody.

“Spring is popping all around the Chicagoland area right now,” said Cook County Forest Preserve District wildlife biologist Chris Anchor.

Chief Wildlife Biologist with the Cook County Forest Preserve District, Anchor says it was actually the first rain falling into winter burrows that encouraged the early risers to get moving.

“We saw our first garter snakes coming out of the ground. We also saw our fist tiger salamanders and wood frogs, so winter is releasing her hold,” said Anchor.

He says they’re mostly now found on relatively warm, south facing slopes in undeveloped areas, but he says they’re out and moving around.

Anchor says spring’s early risers don’t mind overnight temperatures well below freezing because they’re equipped with a type of anti-freeze in their circulatory systems to prevent any cold weather damage until the temperatures exceed the freezing point.

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