(CBS) — Tomorrow is election day, and for some candidates weather has played a role in how they could go about getting their messages out, reports WBBM’s Bernie Tafoya.

Damian Kozak is a campaign worker for Ted Palka, one of the Democratic candidates for Cook County Sheriff. He says the mounds of snow covering frozen ground kept the campaign from putting the candidate’s name before voters. But, Kozak says, “signs don’t vote”.

Kozak says the Palka campaign had about 500 signs ready to distribute, but because of the snow and cold, most of them are “still in the office”.

Political consultant Jon Zahm says he’s seen an impact on door-to-door campaigning in the bitter cold. People just haven’t wanted to open their doors to candidates very much. He says he’s been working on campaigns since 1988 and that “this is worst cycle for weather that I’ve experienced.”

Zahm believes the Polar Vortex may play a slight role in the outcome for some races at the polls.

Zahm says this weather has forced the replacement of more campaign signs than usual. Winds have blown signs off their posts; have torn them.

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