By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois is really good at protecting its pets.

It is really bad if you work for a non-profit.

That is the conclusion of a user on Reddit who did an analysis of the best and worst of each state using data compiled from StateMaster and, of course, Google.

StateMaster is an online statistical database which allows users to research and compare a multitude of different data on U.S. states.

Based on that information, Illinois stands out for having the best animal protection laws.

It is the worst state for non-profit agencies. The map doesn’t give a reason why, but it is probably found here.

In fact, based on a Google search, Illinois is also: poorly run, has a tremendous number or underwater homes, has a poor outlook for job growth and high unemployment.

Thankfully, none of that affects dogs or cats.

State Worst

In Indiana, residents had better not drink the river water (it’s very toxic, it seems). On the plus side, parents apparently are really involved in their kids’ education.

Wisconsin has the highest number of drunks. However, it is really good at developing rural areas.

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