(CBS) — It was a dream come true for a little girl in Bolivia: a family who wanted to adopt her.

But more than three years later,the family from west suburban Aurora is still trying to bring 5-year-old Cecilia home.

As CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez reports, time is of the essence.

While on a trip to Bolivia, the Wieseman family paid several visits to an orphanage to help feed severely disabled children. One little girl caught their eye.

Cecilia, who grew attached, had no disability. She was abandoned because she’s HIV-positive.

“That’s when we thought wow we can really do something for her. Let’s open up our hearts and our home,” Bea Wieseman says.

The Wiesemans decided to adopt Cecelia, and their three sons were eager to bring her home. With Bea’s dual citizenship, the adoption went smoothly. Yet more than a year later the U.S. has failed to issue a Visa.

Time is critical. The girl needs medical care.

Attorney Brad Giglio says the feds have told him and his clients to be patient.

“This is not a garden-variety case. It does have complications and our faith is with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that they will get it right,” he says.

The family has found support on a Facebook page, “Bring Cecilia Home.”

“With that beautiful face and that beautiful smile and those twinkly eyes, she deserves so much more,” Bea Wieseman says.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Office says it can’t comment on specific cases. The family’s worry is growing ever since Cecelia contracted a fungal infection due to her weakened immune system.