CHICAGO (CBS) — As we slowly — very slowly — put winter behind us, schools in the Chicago area have been dealing with all the items left in their “lost and found” boxes.

At North Barrington Elementary School, principal Diane Wood said more items than usual have made their way to the lost and found, likely because students had to wear more this winter.

She says there have been hats, gloves, even regular pants in the lost and found this year. Pants would be from students who wore them to school intending to wear shorts in school.

At Wild Rose Elementary School in St. Charles, the opposite is true. Principal Donna Clavelli said there were fewer items than usual in the lost and found.

“While I do have lost and found items, I don’t have near the number (as previous winters) because (students) used them. They needed them,” she said.

Both schools donate unclaimed items to charity.

At North Barrington Elementary School, the lost and found has everything from sweatshirts and winter coats, to water bottles and lunch bags.

Wood said sometimes a parent will come in and ask to look in the lost and found, because he or she hasn’t seen a particular item in the house for a while.

Clavelli said Wild Rose is hosting a Bingo and Book Fair event Friday night, and parents will be asked to look over the lost and found area.