By Bruce Levine-

GLENDALE, Ariz. (CBS) — The season clock is running short for Gordon Beckham, still dealing with an oblique injury that shelved him a week ago. It is not likely that the team will take a chance of re-injury if the strain has not fully recovered by early this week.

“I don’t have an answer for that yet,” said GM Rick Hahn on Sunday. “He is not doing baseball activities just yet and days are getting a little short. We will have to see how he progresses.”

The team has recent history with Matt Lindstrom coming back to soon and aggravating an existing oblique strain this spring.

“The nice thing is we have some options with the way other guys have been playing,” Hahn related. “It does not make since to rush Gordon back for March 31 if it physically doesn’t make sense.”

Marcus Semien will most likely get the second base job if Beckham can’t make the opening bell.