(CBS) — Indiana State Police said squad cars from various towns in northwest Indiana working outside their jurisdictions has nothing to do with catching speeders and boosting revenue – it’s about stopping drug traffickers.

WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, from time to time, drivers can see officers in marked cars from various departments working outside their jurisdictions in Northwest Indiana along I-80/94, I-65, and I-90.

It might be easy to assume it’s about revenue. Times are tough, but Indiana State Police said that’s not the case.

Those squad cars instead are taking part in a Domestic Highway Enforcement strategy, a federal program which aims to catch people moving illegal drugs.

Last year, Lake County Sheriff John Buncich showed off 500 pounds of marijuana seized when a pickup was pulled over on I-80/94 by officers who were part of the program.

“They’re trained; highly trained to look for certain types of vehicles, certain types of suspects,” he said.

The area is considered a major drug corridor, and police said they can only imagine how much is getting through and ending up on the streets.

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