(CBS) – The Illinois governor’s race took an unusual turn Thursday, just one day after Gov. Quinn’s budget message.

His Republican opponent opponent is using a children’s character to target the Democratic incumbent.

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CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine was waiting for the governor on the Northwest Side — and he wasn’t alone.

Quinn ducked in the back door of a school, rather than confront Bruce Rauner’s stunt-double, whose nose was growing, Rauner said, for making what was supposed to be a temporary tax hike permanent. His name: “Quinnochio.”

“I haven’t had a chance to interact with that person,” Quinn said. “I will say this, though: Anyone who proclaims themselves to be an advocate of education excellence who starves our schools and cuts their budget by 20 percent – that doesn’t add up.”

As the Governor was speaking, in Springfield, House Speaker Mike Madigan’s proposed constitutional amendment for a 3 percent tax surcharge on million-dollar incomes was picking up steam.

“I think it’s a good idea to have it fully examined,” Quinn says.

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Madigan earlier this week voiced strong support for Quinn’s budget plan to ease the sting of the higher income tax.

But Thursday, we learned Quinn is also eliminating the current 5 percent real estate tax rebate.

What that means is: Anyone with a property tax bill over $10,000 will actually be paying more. Also, nobody’s really netting $500.

Take someone with a $5,000 tax bill who now gets a $250 rebate. That would go away. So, the governor’s 500 dollar check would only net the homeowner $250.

Only those paying next to nothing in real estate taxes will get anything close to $500 to offset the income tax hike.

So, is $500 really $500? Is Quinnochio’s nose getting longer?

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This all could be more ammunition for Rauner, though he’s been MIA since last Thursday, probably resting in one of his mansions counting his $500 rebate, and realizing he too is losing money on the deal.