(CBS) — During a press conference Sunday, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Bruce Rauner attacked Democratic Governor Pat Quinn, accusing him of breaking promises.

Rauner says Quinn has “broken his promise again and again. He promised to have our tax hike, when he put it in place, be no bigger than four-percent on income. He then turned around and made it five percent.”

Rauner also says Quinn broke his promise to stimulate the Illinois economy.

“He promised to emphasize job growth and under his administration we’ve lost 85,000 jobs in Illinois and unemployment has increased more in Illinois than in any other state. He is breaking his promises, his administration is a massive economic failure for the working families of Illinois.”

In response to Rauner, Quinn’s Press Secretary Izabela Miltko explained because of the hard choices the governor made to balance the budget, we are in a position to actually provide historic property relief to homeowners and properly fund education…she adds you couldn’t say that five years ago.