Technology is an ultra broad field that encompasses everything from managing a website to developing software. However, what all technology professions have in common is the need to consistently grow with the field’s ever-evolving technologies. Jeanine Swatton is an example of how continued education in the field of technology can help to evolve with the changing times. As a Technical Mentor and Advisor at Technovation and Technology Evangelist/Engineer at Ninefold, she offers some great advice on how to stay current in an always changing field.

(Photo Courtesy of Jeanine Swatton)

(Photo Courtesy of Jeanine Swatton)

How does your education background in technology relate to your current position in the field?
“My master’s degree provided me with a strong foundation to master any programming language. Overall, my education has provided me with ways of coming up with solutions to current technology problems. I am able to look at a problem and come up with creative solutions to these problems through the development and implementation of software. I have been in the field of technology for approximately 15 years and have extensive experience in software development, management of engineering teams and software product management. I develop iPhone/iPad apps as well as web applications.”

What inspired you to enter this field?
“I started programming at the age of 16. MIT had a summer camp for kids where they were teaching students how to program in C. After the MIT experience, my passion grew for providing technology solutions through the development of software products.”

What are some words of advice you can offer others considering to go into the field of technology?
“Education is critical, especially in this field. By obtaining a master’s degree, I was given a great foundation in learning other programming languages on my own without having to take a class. Technology is continuously changing along with programming languages. It is critical for computer engineers to have that skill set of picking up new technologies and keeping up with the latest technology trends.”

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