CHICAGO (CBS) — The wife of a well-known pastor says she was robbed at gunpoint by a person posing as a utility worker.

It happened in the 5700 block of Midway Park in Austin.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports police believe they found the gun and some of the missing belongings not the robber.

It happened in a quiet, tree lined nook and around 6 a.m. Wednesday, the alderman for the ward called after hearing her neighbor screaming.

Priscilla Hatch, wife of Pastor Marshall Hatch of the New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church in Austin, was robbed at gun point by a person in a safety utility vests similar to the ones worn by a Safe Passage or construction worker. This is the third robbery there in a month and it happened as she walked to her to get to work.

“As I was getting into my car he approached me and then pointed the gun to my nose and demanded my purse,” said Hatch. “I began to scream and holler. He demanded my purse and I gave him my purse. I’m still yelling, I’m screaming for my life, and then he took off running.”

Police told Hatch they found her purse but she wasn’t able to see inside of it to determine if everything was in it as police were examining the purse for evidence.

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