CHICAGO (CBS) –Chicago Police say a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed last night on the South Side.

Police say 16-year-old Michael Flournoy was shot in the head last night – just before 8 o’clock.

It was in the 1000 block of East 93rd Street – and police say Flournoy was walking down the street when he was shot and killed.

Flournoy was a sophomore at Simeon High School, a member of the football and wrestling teams and lived in Chatham, near 80th and Evans, about 2 miles from where he died.

By all accounts, Flournoy was a highly respectful teenager who avoided the streets.

His mother, Tymeka Woods, says she seldom let him go to parties.

“He would laugh because I would be sitting right outside the party because I always had a fear of things going on outside. I just feel like this time, I dropped the ball,” said Woods.

Flournoy was visiting cousins on East 93rd Street Saturday night, when he tried to talk to some girls in a car. A man with them objected, a fight broke out and the man left, but not for good.

“The guy told them, they’d better not be out there when he comes back,” said Woods.

Flournoy went back out for a bag of chips and was gunned down.

Fellow Simeon students, including his football and wrestling teammates, paid their street-side respects.

“He was a great guy, had a great attitude. He stayed very positive, was very humble. He didn’t really get into a lot of trouble,” said Simeon student Malik Allen.

Michael’s family is seeking justice, while wondering what it’s really worth.

“Is it really justice when they go to jail? Because at the end of the day, my child is gone,” said Woods.

About three weeks ago, his mother says Flournoy was robbed at gunpoint about a block away from his home. Still, he told his mother he couldn’t live in fear, saying what will happen will happen. That, of course, is exactly what she feared.

Andrew Holmes has offered $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. Police say no one is in custody.

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