By Jim Williams

CHICAGO (CBS) — He is a child, but his mother says he was arrested as she stood right there, helpless.

In this original report, Jim Williams reports the mother wants answers from the officers’ bosses.

Tanisha McGee charges it happened on 79th Street just east of Cottage Grove. She says her son, Johntile, had to go to bathroom so badly last night, he urinated in this alley as she waited by her car.

Moments later, she told us officers accused her son, ten years old, of having a gun.

A neighbor shot cellphone video that shows officers leading the boy to a squad car as the mother pleads with them.

McGee says they brought Johntile to the 6th District station. Johntile told Jim Williams that he was scared and that, “They kept asking me if I was in a gang, then they kept on cussing.

McGee charges she was not allowed to see Johntile and when she asked police.

“They said I didn’t have anything to do with it,” said McGee.

Tanisha McGee insists her son has never been in a gang, never been in trouble. She wants the officers disciplined.

“Every black kid you see on the street is not a drug dealer, is not a gang banger,” said McGee.

A Chicago Police spokesman told us the independent police review authority is investigating. The boy was cited, police say, for public urination.

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