(CBS) — There’s an arrest warrant in Kendall County for a 36-year-old former PTA treasurer wanted in the theft of $4,000 from the PTA’s accounts.

Why would former treasurer Meredith Henry want to take $4,000 from the PTA treasury of the Boulder Hill Elementary School?

“That, at this time, is anybody’s guess. I just don’t know,” said Kendall County Sheriff’s Deputy Bryan Harl

Harl says Meredith Henry has known for about a month that she’s expected to turn herself in and face theft charges. Harl says he doesn’t think Henry has fled.

“It’s always a possibility. But in this case, I don’t believe that’s the case. I believe that she’s still probably somewhere in the local area.”

Deputy Harl says the theft of the $4,000 from the PTA in unincorporated Montgomery was reported last September.

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