(CBS) On Monday, news spread that a man on Yahoo Sports’ bracket challenge who was ranked fourth nationally might miss out on a $100,000 prize because he forgot to pick a winner in the championship game.

Well, it turns out he did miss out on a $100,000 because he forgot to pick a winner.

Corey Johnson had a marvelous bracket, correctly choosing three Final Four teams and picking both Kentucky and UConn to advance to the title game. That set him up well, except for the part where he didn’t choose a winner. Johnson told Deadspin he picked the Huskies to win the title, but “I guess it didn’t save.”

It was a costly mistake. Had Johnson amassed the points for UConn’s 60-54 win last night, he would been among the top 20 finishers, who were all awarded $100,000. Instead, too many others passed him in the standings. (Had Kentucky won, he wouldn’t have been in the top 20.)

A lifelong Huskies fan, Johnson told Deadspin he was still rooting for UConn last night, even though it cost him big money. So he has a championship win for his favorite team as solace.

And it sounds like he was taking it all as well as he could. From Deadspin:

Johnson, 28, says he would have liked the $100,000 to pay for school. (After years of working with autistic children, he’s currently enrolled at the Porter and Chester Institute training to be an HVAC technician.) But he believes this is one of those things that wasn’t meant to be. “Maybe someone who needs it more than I do is going to win because I won’t,” he says.

That still doesn’t stop him from being “pissed off at the world” right now.



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