By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — One in every four PC owners are using Windows XP and today they have a decision to make: upgrade or unplug? Dorothy Tucker explains.

Bob Marshall is among the millions who bought his PC more than five years ago, and still uses Windows XP. So when Microsoft’s announcement to stop supporting the system. Marshall like most must now decide whether to upgrade or unplug.

Justin Cardoza repairs PC’s and says it might not be worth it to upgrade old computers to Windows 7 or 8.

“Most likely it probably won’t be worth upgrading to Windows 7 or because of all the programs you use, antivirus programs, adobe reader, office programs, things like that, it’s going to end up taking at least 30 gigabites of space,” said Cardoza.

Plus, the software, extra memory, new hard drive, and labor could cost you at least $200. For a couple hundred more, you could buy a new pc.

Cardoza says he recommends not doing anything related to your financial information if you decide not to upgrade because without Microsoft’s support, you’ll no longer get software updates that protect your accounts from hackers.

Instead of upgrading or unplugging, Bobbi Zimora will donate.

The regular XP is for the kids to do homework,” said Zimora.

New printers and scanners, photo devices probably won’t be compatible with Windows XP. To find out if your computer operates on Windows XP…go to start, click on “my computer”, go to properties, the information is on that page.

Dorothy Tucker