BLOOMINGDALE, Ill. (CBS) — Illinois’ new concealed carry law is fueling rising demand at shooting ranges, but a proposal to build a new gun range in Bloomingdale, on Circle Drive north of Lake Street, has triggered opposition from nearby residents.

CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley takes aim at the controversy in this original report.

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Gat Guns in East Dundee is the state’s biggest gun range, but not big enough to satisfy the surging demand for concealed carry training and practice.

There’s weekend waiting lines, with business up 50 percent.

“It seems awful popular, it just keeps coming and coming, and people call nonstop looking for classes, looking for training,” said Neil Leuders of Gat Guns.

In an abandoned Bloomingdale factory, Julian Perez wants to meet that demand. Perez says it won’t be a typical gun range.

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“This is going to be the Nordstrom of gun ranges,” said Perez.

Perez envisions a gun sports palace appealing to women and families, but Richard Turek can see the site from his back yard. He, and other opponents, worry about traffic, pollution, safety and noise.

“It should be in an industrial area away from homes,” said Turek.

“I think the opposition just doesn’t want anything here,” said Perez.

Perez argues the factory is in a commercial zone, not a residential one. His studies have shown traffic and noise won’t be problems.

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Bloomingdale’s plan commission takes up the project April 15 and then it goes to the village trustees.