Gregg Doyel- national columnist

(CBS) Mark Emmert is president of the NCAA. He calls a union for college athletes “a grossly inappropriate solution to the problem” that would “blow up everything about the collegiate model of athletics.”

Larry Scott is commissioner of the Pac-12. He calls a union “a terrible idea” that could “destroy” college sports. Jim Delany is commissioner of the Big Ten. If college athletes unionize, he says, it would create “chaos.” Bob Bowlsby is commissioner of the Big 12. He says a union would mean “we have forever lost our way.”

They’re united and they’re steadfast, these men who run college sports, which means we should be, too:

Let’s give this union idea a chance.

Maybe this is infantile logic, maybe it’s not logical at all, but I’m OK with what I’m saying here. And what I’m saying is this: The more the leaders of college sports use their DEFCON 1 scare tactics on the college athletes trying to unionize and the public considering the idea, the more I’m willing to consider that maybe, just maybe, a union is exactly what college sports needs.

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