Many people have the misconception that those in the field of Criminal Justice don’t need advanced degrees in order to achieve success. On the contrary, advanced degrees in Criminal Justice can help to further your career and open doors for increased opportunities. Dr. Ronald Rufo is a Chicago Police Officer, online instructor for a Master’s program in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor’s level instructor in Criminal Justice on campus at Truman College in Chicago and a published author. Dr. Rufo can offer some insight into how a furthered education can help to achieve overall success in Criminal Justice.

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Ronald Rufo)

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Ronald Rufo)

How does your educational background relate to your current position?
“I took advantage of the tuition program offered by Chicago Police Department. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Social Justice, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership and my dissertation was entitled, An Investigation of One-Line Sexual Predation of Minors by Convicted Male Offenders.

How has your education attributed to the overall success in your field?
“I believe education opens up many doors in the Criminal Justice field. As an officer and a professor, it brings a different level of respect from my peers and citizens. I have authored two textbooks entitled, “Sexual Predators Amongst Us” and “The Theory Behind Criminal Profiling: An exploration of missed opportunities.” My third book will be published in early 2015 by CRC Press, Taylor Francis Publishers and will be on police culture and police suicide.”

What advice can you offer others looking to go into Criminal Justice?
“I remember in the Academy when my homeroom instructor asked, ‘Who became a police officer for the money?’ A few officers raised their hands. His next question was, ‘who became a police officer because it is what they have always wanted?’ I proudly raised my hand. The homeroom instructor said, ‘I would rather have a partner who wants to live their dream than be here just for the money.’ For me, the money was not the motivation in becoming a police officer. It was the integrity and sense of commitment to following my life’s dream.”

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