LYONS, Ill. (CBS) — Residents of Lyons got a chance to vent their frustrations about police layoffs at a town meeting Wednesday night.

There are yard signs here and there decrying the layoffs of seven officers, including one at the Zarbock house.

“We used to see them patrolling in this area all of the time “said Zarbock.

More than 200 residents jammed the village hall and sounded off. A few supported Mayor Christpher Getty, but most were critical.

“We have a great police department. Cutting it back, I don’t understand it,” said Lyons resident Paul Mayerhofer.

“Now that I know there is going to be two patrol officers on duty, I am terrified,” said Lyons resident Bob Jonak.

Several of the laid off officers watched the meeting but did not speak out. Later, the mayor told reporters the move came after the police union rejected a four percent pay raise. He says the union demanded 12 percent.

“It was a move that we didn’t want to do but with financial constraints it was necessary,” said Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty”

The police union says members agreed to that four percent raise in December but later balked at sudden new demands, which the union says triggered the no vote.