(CBS) One of the charms of attending Major League Baseball games? Drinking a cold beer on a beautiful day. One of the drawbacks of going to MLB games? Paying hefty prices for the said cold beer.

A Business Insider article has revealed that the average price of a small draft beer in MLB parks is $6.09. The most expensive place to make a purchase is in Miami, where the Marlins charge $8 for their smallest beer — which comes in at 16 ounces. At $4, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Cleveland Indians offer the cheapest beers, though the Diamondbacks’ glass size is 14 ounces to the Indians’ 12.

The Angels have the best price-per-ounce, offering 16-ounce beers for $4.50.

The Cubs’ small 16-ouncer goes for $7.50, while the White Sox offer a 16-ouncer for $6.50, per research by the Team Marketing Report.

See the full chart here.