(CBS) — For Jason Marzullo, hot dogs are his life. Oh, and burgers, Italian beef, gyros and thin crust pizza. As owner of Hot Dog Richie’s in Palatine, his latest item he can add to his menu-the restaurant is the newest inductee into the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame.

“When they called me, I was like Hall of Fame, What? I just thought of football and thought the were going to make a bust of me holding a hot dog,” Marzullo laughed.

The key to making the perfect hot dog? He says it starts with Vienna Beef and a perfectly steamed bun but the toppings are key.

“You gotta chop the onions nice, the pickle, the onion, the tomato.”

As far as the ketchup versus mustard debate for customers?

“I still offer it my customers. You don’t hold it against them? “No I don’t hold nothing against them.”

Marzullo says he’s honored to be chosen as an inductee into the Hall of Fame. He says he was presented with a plaque and a certificate and of course bragging rights.

“It’s a great accolade. I’ll probably put up the plaque somewhere up front where everyone can see it.”

Hot Dog Richie’s has been a fixture at the corner Northwest Highway and Colfax in Palatine since 1972. Marzullo has owned it since 1999.

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