(CBS) A video making the rounds on social media last night of Rockets guard Jeremy Lin driving for a transition layup in the second quarter against the Trail Blazers at first appears to be one of the most blatant missed traveling calls in NBA history.

Lin shuffles his feet in tiny steps, taking at least four in all and perhaps more after catching the ball around the right wing of the 3-point arc. What you can’t see without looking very closely is that Lin actually has a dribble in there too; it’s just hard to see because of the camera angle.

Lin missed the layup, but the debate remains: Was it a travel?

The inclination of most is to say yes. As SI.com argues, however,  “The single dribble … makes Lin’s slash to the basket legal. It’s another bit of movement amid Lin’s flurry of strides, but the timing of the subsequent gather satisfies both the rulebook’s stipulations and their current interpretation.”

Take a look for yourself.