(CBS) — Maybe he was just living up to his last name. Police in west suburban Riverside said a man who’d had a bit too much to drink for his birthday on Wednesday drove up to the police station, walked inside, then tried to file a complaint while drunk.

Vance Nono, of Lyons, has been charged with domestic battery, battery to a police officer, DUI, and other counts.

Police said Nono drove up to the Riverside police station shortly before 8 p.m. Wednesday, then walked in and tried to file a complaint, but was clearly intoxicated.

Just before he showed up, a 911 dispatcher had seen Nono driving on Nuttall Road with his girlfriend, and the car was weaving in and out of traffic. The dispatcher saw Nono repeatedly strike his girlfriend in the face and chest. That dispatcher drove to the police station to file a report, and a call went out over the police radio just before Nono showed up himself.

Nono, 51, was taken into custody, as police saw obvious signs he had hit his girlfriend and was highly intoxicated.

Police said Nono told them he had been drinking at home most of the day to celebrate his birthday — including champagne and four rum and Cokes — then went to a restaurant in Forest Park for dinner, where he had four more rum and cokes.

After dinner, Nono went to a bar in North Riverside, where he kept drinking more rum and Cokes for at least four hours, police said. He then got into his car to drive home, and got into a fight with his 46-year-old girlfriend on the way home, and struck her several times in the face and chest while driving.

Police said Nono quickly went from calm to violent while being questioned, and had to be subdued while officers tried to book him. He allegedly fought with police until they managed to get him to the ground and then into a cell.

When police tried a second time to book him sometime later, he again fought with police, and inflicted several small scratches and cuts on one of the officers. Police finally were able to book him later that night.

Police said he had at least 10 prior arrests for battery, theft, traffic violations, and fighting with police.

His bail was set at $12,000.