Updated 05/09/14 – 10:15 a.m.

ALGONQUIN, Ill. (CBS) — Some students at a northwest suburban high school got into hot water, after pulling a messy prank in the hallways of their school.

CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports a group of students set up a slip and slide using baby oil and soap inside Harry Jacobs High School on Thursday, as part of the annual senior prank. School officials said the students dumped several gallons of water, baby oil, dish soap, and laundry soap throughout an upstairs hallway between classes.

Officials called police and the school was placed on lockdown for about 20 minutes as teachers and police restored order.

“Because of the significant risk of an injury, the school had no choice but to go on a “shelter in place” status, meaning that staff and students needed to stay in the classrooms while the slick conditions were cleaned and dried,” Community Unit School District 300 spokeswoman Allison Strupeck said.

At least two students might be punished for organizing and taking part in the prank. Some said it’s likely they’ll be prevented from taking part in graduation ceremonies.

Strupeck said no decisions have been made about whether any students will be banned from walking at graduation, “but there is no risk of any students who have earned their diploma not receiving the diploma.”

Jacobs principal Ami Engel spoke to every senior English class in January, and made it clear the school respected the tradition of a senior prank, but only if it was safe and “not overly disruptive to the school,” Strupeck said.

“It was also made clear to the students that any unsafe or overly disruptive pranks may result in losing the privilege of walking at graduation, although diplomas would still be given,” she added.

Seniors also were invited to meet with the principal to discuss ideas for possible pranks “that would be fun and celebratory without being unsafe,” but when seniors met with Engel, they did not mention the slip and slide prank.

“It was entirely possible to hold a senior prank that was fun and celebratory without being so dangerous to those walking down the hallway,” Strupeck said.