CHICAGO (CBS) — As the Blackhawks continue fighting for another Stanley Cup, what’s the coolest street in Chicago?

It’s Blackhawk Street, of course, which runs east-west and is 1400 North.

Natalie Konietzko has lived on Blackhawk Street her whole life and says it’s fun because everyone recognizes the name now but says “there was a time when nobody” liked the Blackhawks.

John Lutgen lives just off Blackhawk Street in the Wicker Park neighborhood and says if the Hawks win it all again, why not have the parade right there?

“That would be very nice since I didn’t get close enough to see it last year.”

Laura Hernandez lives on Blackhawk but would not want to see a parade in her neighborhood.

“That would be too much! I would not like to see that, really in the morning a lot of people in front of your house!”

The street is nice but, Natalie Konietzko says there is also a downside to it.

“The street signs do disappear! Years ago nobody really cared but the past few years…they do disappear now and again.”

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