(CBS) In an apparent effort to create excitement for June’s NBA Draft after a league-worst 15-67 season, the Milwaukee Bucks have sent ping-pong balls to around 10,000 fans (presumably they’re fans) in the Milwaukee area.

A note with the gift also reads, “OWN THE FUTURE. WIN THE LOTTERY.”

This gesture doesn’t completely make sense. Sure, it’s a nice PR gimmick, a reminder that better days lie ahead, but despite executing to become the worst team in the NBA, the Bucks still only have a 25 percent chance of winning the top pick when the ping-pong balls are drawn in the May 20 lottery.

Maybe this explanation from Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie blog sheds a little more light:

The accompanying card included information about a sweepstakes promotion that the team’s running in conjunction with the lottery — fans who buy 2014-15 ticket plans before May 21 (the day after the lottery) will have the chance to win a variety of prizes, including a chance to attend a Bucks draft workout, an autographed photo of the draftee, a trip to the 2014 NBA draft in Brooklyn, N.Y., and even free season tickets. 

Still, we can say with confidence, the Bucks are a long, long, long ways from owning the future. They’re about an entire starting lineup short of owning the future, actually.