(CBS) — It’s one of the worst parts of driving in the city: finding parking.

But a new automated parking system could change all that. As CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez reports, instead of a valet, you use a smartphone app.

Then watch your car do the driving for you. Valeo’s new automated valet parking system will find a spot, then park all by itself.

“It’s like a plane on autopilot – it’s the same exact idea,” says Sam Azuz of Valeo.

All Valeo needs is a carmaker to sign on, much like Ford does with OnStar. The cars would be equipped with 16 sensors, four cameras, and a laser to detect parking spots — and any objects in the way.

It’s intended for any busy person, but Azuz thinks moms in particular will love it.

The system is still a couple of years from production. It will likely cost more than $1,000, if you compare it to tech packages now available.

Is it legal? That’s an evolving conversation. But on private property like a mall, developers say, why not?

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