(CBS) The Bears’ Super Bowl odds have improved to 20-1 — from the 28-1 they were at after free agency —  after the conclusion of the NFL Draft, according to bovada.lv. The 20/1 odds ties the Bears for the sixth-best odds among the league and is the biggest improvement from the odds that were posted in mid-March.

Here’s a look at the top 10 odds-on favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2015:

Seahawks: 6/1
Broncos: 7/1
Patriots: 15/2
49ers: 15/2
Packers: 12/1
Bears: 20/1
Colts: 20/1
Saints: 20/1
Eagles: 22/1
Panthers: 28/1

If you’re feeling crazy about a bet, the Raiders and Jaguars have the worst odds to win the Super Bowl, at 100-1 apiece.