CHICAGO (CBS) — The Adler Planetarium has been teaching visitors about the Solar System for years, and its latest Sky Theater show gives them a virtual tour of our planetary neighborhood.

WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports “Destination Solar System” uses actual photographs and radar maps of the sun, the moon, and planets, as part of a tour of the solar system, in a half-hour show at the Grainger Sky Theater.

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They’re the latest images from astronomical researchers around the world, so there’s hard evidence behind each of the visuals, which look real when projected on the inside of the Adler’s dome, according to Ashley, one of the visitors who got a preview on Tuesday.

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“I got to get a closer look,” she said. “In the textbooks, it just gives you the facts, but I actually got to see.”

The virtual tour alternates between visuals of the solar system, and a live improv actor who ends the show by passing around a piece of ice which she’d hauled from the propulsion system of the rocket taking tourists on a trip through the solar system.

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The new show opens to the public on Friday.