PALOS HILLS, Ill. (CBS) — Two seniors who will graduate from Stagg High School in Palos Hills on Tuesday will stand out from the rest of their classmates in their determination to have never missed a day of school. Ever.

From the first day of kindergarten through their last day of class as high school seniors, Kevin White and Paige Stulginskis never called in sick.

“The closest I ever got to missing school was in 2nd grade. I broke my arm, and I had to have surgery at like 12 o’clock,” White said. “They had us push back the surgery just a little bit, just so I could make sure I was at school that day.”

Stulginskis said she’s been sick this school year, “but it always during Christmas break, or winter break, or Thanksgiving break, or something like that.”

White said his mother pushed him hard not to miss a day of classes, and to be “accountable for everything I’m doing.” He said he’s taken that to heart.

Stulginskis said her dad pushed her to maintain perfect attendance, and her mother thought it was awesome she had such a streak.

Both get to wear white cords over their gowns when they get their diplomas on Tuesday.

White, who was on the Stagg High School basketball team, said he has received some razzing from friends over his streak. Even though he was one of the only seniors in school on senior ditch day, he said “it didn’t bother me.”

White and Stulginskis both said they love school, especially being around their friends and teachers.

Both said they’ll try to continue their streaks in college.

Stulginskis is going to Western Illinois University and hopes to one day become a crime scene investigator.

White will be attending Concordia University in Nebraska and plans to study business management.

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