(CBS) — It was graduation night in for 392 Oak Lawn High School seniors, but dozens of seniors did not get their diplomas because of a community service scandal.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports when one Oak Lawn H.S. student sold forged documents for up to 20 bucks apiece to guarantee they’d graduate, it sounded foolproof. It wasn’t.

Almost 400 graduates and their proud parents arrived for commencement at St. Xavier University, but 48 members of the 2014 class had to stay away.

The students who were missing were wrapped up in a cheating scandal. Instead of completing 24 hours of community service required to graduate, they turned in documents stating they had completed the requirement by working at the Stony Creek golf course. The documents were forged and phony.

Yolanda Kuzer’s twin sons graduated Wednesday night.

“I believe what they did was wrong, but it is hard on the families of course, not for them to be participating “ said Kuzer.

“We had four years to do 24 service hours and frankly they were pretty easy,” said graduate Sean Bunce.

In the end, the school principal said it was a matter of integrity.

“There’s consequences behind all actions,“ said Mary Scott. “My daughter wasn’t part of it, so that is good.”

During the ceremony the school superintendent announced “every one of you graduates completed 24 hours of community service. He got a big cheer.