(CBS) — Injured White Sox star first baseman Jose Abreu may be back doing baseball drills next week.

Abreu injured his left foot over a period of days leading up to May 18. Inflammation in the foot got out of hand, and manager Robin Ventura chose to take Abreu out in the middle of the game in Houston.

The rookie infielder was placed on the DL Sunday May 19. He was given an MRI that revealed swelling, due to an anterior ligament strain. He had the foot placed in a walking boot for support. Abreu was told he will wear the boot through the weekend.

According to the player, he will start some first-step baseball activities if the ankle has less edema in the injured area of the foot.

“Yes, I will have to make some adjustments in my training,” Abreu said through the team translator. “It is not about losing some games ; it is about playing all season. I want to make sure I am healthy throughout the season.”

Abreu said he had no history of foot or ankle injuries in the past and explained how he would try to limit further injury to the legs: “The first thing we will probably do is adjust my hitting. The other adjustments will be with being on the field.”

Abreu was alluding to less time in the batting cage and in fielding drills. He did make it clear that he prefers playing first base to the DH role. “We are going to do this (rehab ) the right way so when I am there I will be able to play on the field,” he said.

The 27-year-old player took the American League by storm, leading in home runs (15 ) and RBI (42) when he was placed on the disabled list.

Abreu was named the American League player and rookie of the month for April.

“It has been very difficult to watch the games,” Abreu said about his inactivity.

Abreu said the team doctors who see him every day told him that if his foot keeps improving they may let him start his lower body rehab Monday.

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