By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — Last year, she was the victim of an attempted sexual assault on a popular bike path, but just a few days ago she spotted a familiar face on that same path. Gary Police are now calling her a hero.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports, police believe it’s not the only attack.

A police corporal was patrolling the scenic bike trail when she was approached by a woman.

“She approached me and said, ‘officer I just saw someone who sexually assaulted me in 2013,’” he said.

She was speaking of Devonta Brewington, now 18. The woman who was allegedly victimized by him saw him in that same place many months later. Then he saw her.

“As he looked over in that direction, it just so happened that she’s there. That’s when he turned around and took off running.

Patrolman Tommie Tatum and many others gave chase and caught him.

Now Brewington is suspected of two attempted sex assaults and police believe there may be more.

Gary Police Commander John Cooros says the victim is a hero not only because she was instrumental in the capture, but he says because she was brave enough to report the attempted sex assault in the first place.

The suspect lives within blocks of the site of both attacks.