(CBS) — Same-sex marriage in Illinois is legal and hundreds of couples across the state are taking advantage of the new law.

WBBM’s Veronica Carter reports four couples in Chicago didn’t let grass grow under their feet, they got married in a group on the first day same sex marriages became legal in Illinois.

With beautiful dresses, tuxes, an open bar, the wedding looked the same as millions of other ceremonies, and that’s the point. CT Torres with Lambda Legal Midwest says it’s about two people who love each other and want to make a life-long commitment. And she says this country is starting to accept that.

“Culture is changing,” she said. “When we see that laws change, policies change, it is reflective that society is changing and that we are starting to see people changing hearts and minds about gay and lesbian people and hopefully soon our transgender brothers and sisters.”

May Yee donned suit and tie and paced around the reception area nervously before going in to say ‘I do.’ She says she’s thrilled that she and her partner are now recognized legally by the state.

“For me, it means that I’m able to make sure that my family is ok when I’m not here anymore,” Yee said.

And she has a big family, living with her two daughters, nephew and her wife’s mom.

CBS 2’S Mike Parker was at Unity In Chicago church in Rogers Park where about 40 gay, lesbian and straight. Some were renewing their vows.

“So many couples that are not gay couples are joining us with this and really recognizing that it is not about gay marriage/straight marriage, it’s just about love and commitment,” said groom Brian Fallon.