CHICAGO (CBS) — Boat owners at DuSable Harbor got a scare Monday as high winds knocked loose a pair of docks.

A fast-moving storm blew through the Chicago area around noon, bringing heavy rain and winds for no more than 10 to 15 minutes. When the storm hit the lakefront, the high winds apparently blew two docks at DuSable Harbor around, knocking them askew.

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Several boats on the two docks ended up bumping into each other, and one of the docks bumped into a third.

Later Monday afternoon, crews could be seen using a pair of Chicago Park District boats and at least one other motorized boat to begin towing the docks back into position. At one point, when the boats crews were using to fix the docks pulled away to refuel, the pier they had moved back into position swung askew a second time.

Crews working to fix the docks say everything should be up and running on Tuesday.

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Harbor manager Scott Stevenson says something like this doesn’t happen very often.

“It affects probably about 100 boats, but there is actually very little damage and nothing that we won’t be repairable and shouldn’t interrupt peoples’ wonderful summer,” said Stevenson.

Bob and Fran White were on board during the gust front.

“The only thing I noticed is when it cleared and I got off the boat it was further away from the dock then it was supposed to be,” said Fran.

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Earlier, high winds from the same storm system also knocked down a large tree in Logan Square. A 40-foot-tall tree fell around 10 a.m. near Belden and Sacramento, crushing two cars. A woman walking nearby was almost hit by the tree when its trunk snapped near the base of the tree.