CHICAGO (CBS) — If someone pays for your coffee today or leaves you a nice note on your car, it might be thanks to a west suburban woman with cancer.

The mayor of Bloomingdale has declared today “Keep Calm and Summer On. Pay it Forward Day,” in honor of Summer White Lynch.

She’s a 41-year-old mother with stage 4 breast cancer, thanks to the BRCA 1 gene mutation. Her mother, Jan White, says she came up with the idea last week after learning that there’s nothing else doctors can do for Summer.

White says random acts of kindness done in her daughter’s name so far include include two elementary school kids burying their Legos in a sandbox as a surprise for other children, and a friend paying for a stranger’s lunch.

That man confided to White’s friend he had thought of suicide the day before, and felt her random act had fed his soul.

White invites people to email her their stories of sharing and she plans to put them in a book that she hopes will inspire long past the end of summer.

For a link to cards you can give to the recipient of your random act of kindness, click here.